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Why Have Us Prepare Your Income Tax Returns?

Posted by Admin Posted on Jan 16 2021
  • The firm has 40 years of combined experience.  Joe has a master’s degree in accounting from BYU.  Joey has a Master of Business Administration degree from Utah Valley University.  The firm and its predecessors have been around since 1946.


  • Joe & Joey have taken many hours of tax continuing education classes.


  • We read newsletters, magazines, and e-mails to keep up on the latest tax law changes so we can advise you.


  • We go through two checklists when preparing your return to do our part so you get the tax deductions you are entitled to.


  • The firm also can help you with accounting, financial statements, payroll, estate & trust tax planning, and business planning.


  • We are open year-round so we are here when you need us.


  • We can represent you before the IRS if you get audited.


  • We have helped clients save thousands of dollars in IRS penalties.


  • Joe & Joey have started their own businesses and they have helped many clients start theirs so they can help you too.


  • We can send you a monthly e-mail tax planning newsletter and we mail you semi-annual tax planning newsletters.